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Work with a proven winner:

“Created 100′s of Millionaires globally”
  • Recruited over 2.0 Million Distributors worldwide
  • Achieved over 3.5 BILLION dollars in downline sales
  • Created 100′s of Millionaires globally
  • Earned several million dollars in the industry
  • Over 28 years experience in the trenches
  • Accomplished Platform Speakers

The Ultimate MLM Training / Resource Center

To become successful you must be “in the know”. Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned pro, we have the tools and resources you need to succeed in today’s fast paced global market. Now for the first time ever “The Ultimate MLM Resource Center” it is available through Your Success Brand℠!”


The 5 best and fastest ways to succeed in the MLM Industry:

  1. Align yourself with winners
  2. Have a steady flow of leads
  3. Know how to pick the right company
  4. Be the first to know what is new and happening in the industry
  5. Get training from proven winners, not trainers


Most people fail because they’re not able to achieve any of these 5 key elements to becoming successful in the mlm industry.This is your one stop shop, a connecting center to everything that is required to build your own home based business right here at your fingertips.

Why you should align with us!

You can count on your fingers and toes the number of MLM leaders who have been successful in more than one company or those that continue to excel in company after company. Unfortunately, there are more “One Hit Wonders” in today’s MLM industry doing the Business of Coaching, MLM Consulting, MLM Training and Network Marketing Training. Basically, that means they are teaching what they were unsuccessful at and telling you it works …“But not for this Olympic Team”.

Your Unbeatable Success Formula!

“We know the time tested Success Formulas”

We’ve distilled all the success methods of MLM trainings, methodologies, relationship skills, leadership qualities, networking skills, professional strategies, and industry “know how” to quickly and dramatically fire-up your entrepreneurial spirit – catapulting you and your team to the ULTIMATE success you deserve.


“LOOK NO FURTHER! We’re the experts that can empower you to reach the next level!!!!”


Are you committed to excellence and to your success? Are you willing to trust and be accountable? Then look no further! We’re Proven Winners! We’re the team that can help you make it happen – America’s foremost MLM Business Consultants, Trainers and Coaches. Put Industry Legends on your winning team and to help you achieve “EXPLOSIVE GROWTH”.


Ready for your dreams to come alive? You’ve waited long enough – Get Yourself Positioned Today! Call us now to learn the strategic methods to earning more money.


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