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Ray Spotts

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Ray Spotts

At a very early age Ray recognized that he had a gift that no one around him seemed to understand – in fact it was almost as if he knew instantly what to do when a question or opportunity presented itself. As a result he entered the field of direct selling while in High School and quickly surpassed the income levels of his teachers working part time. It was at this time that Ray was recognized as a young business phenom. Many were astounded at Ray’s early success! Before he knew it he was ranked #2 in sales in the Nation for the Hearst Corporation in their magazine door-to-door division and then things snowballed – paying his way through college and parlaying his skills in organizing and helping others achieve success. Ray knew what he wanted to do in life – help others achieve success and in doing so he would too.

His passion fueled his desire – after being drafted and serving his commitment in the US Army, Ray turned his energy to building a telemarketing business for the same company he had worked for earlier. Hearst rewarded him with a challenged district that was ranked next to last in the country. It was at this time that his expertise as a "Turnaround Specialist" came to light. He rolled up his sleeves and in just over a year his group achieved status as the #1 branch in the country – this unexpected business turn around and skill was noted by many and has since been honed to perfection. As a young entrepreneur he went on to start his own magazine business where he earned his first million dollars.

Durning the several years while running a successful magazine business Ray took his business skills and marketing ideas to help himself and others succeed in Multi Level Marketing. Ray learned through the school of hard knocks, trial and error what the success formula was to help companies turn around and go to the top.

In the process of working the MLM industry Ray found himself earning a six figure income. Even though he was earning substantial income with this MLM company he soon sensed and recognized that the company didn’t have the formula for long term success. From here Ray continued his quest to align with a company and group of people that desired a long term business plan – a company run with honesty, integrity and ethics. It was during this time that Ray discovered the foundational principles for long term sustained growth.

Still not satisfied Ray continued his quest checking into dozens of companies to find one that met his criteria. Ray evaluated a struggling 7 year old company that he knew if they implemented the right formulas and teams he could help take them straight to the top. This became one of the most successful partnerships in MLM history – his group grew to over a million distributors and his group’s sales rivaled some of the most successful MLM companies in the industry. Using his "Freedom Success System", one of the most successful training systems in the history of the industry, Ray created several hundred millionaires in his organization.

In the process of building a multi-milliion dollar global Network Marketing team, he had the foresight to get involved early in the internet markeing industry. Being one of the leading entreperneurs to pioneer in this industry Ray had the insight to understand the power of relationship marketing and the internet. Once again his knowledge and ideas of time tested and proven systems have come together to take him and others to the future of global marketing and to the top. This makes Ray’s value as a network marketing consultant invaluable to those who truly want to succeed.

Ray gives his employees a lot of freedom in decision making and that coupled with some of his other management techniques has led his companies to be a think tank and breeding ground for successful entrepreneurs. He has mentored employees and close associates to start their own business ventures and has facilitated in acquiring venture capital monies. Under Rays direction and assistance other employees have gone on to get extremely lucrative offers from other companies. He has also been able to assist others by partnering with them in their new business ventures helping them to utilize their gifts and talents. Ray is an owner and co-founder of several companies which includes a natural health products company, a search engine optimization company, a software company, and a consulting, training, coaching business.

Ray has the unique ability and eagle eye to determine what is wrong in your business and what must to be done to take your company to the top. Ray knows with his proven time tested results he can turn around a business in trouble or he can establish a new business on a solid foundation that will succeed. If you want to be the best then consult with the best, his skills and formulas are priceless. Call Ray today at 859-276-2000.


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